Sorn Village Hall - Fees

The Hall may be hired at the standard rate of £25 per hour.

‘Not-for-profit’ organisations booking the hall for regular events (weekly, monthly, etc.) or a series of events (e.g. a syllabus) can hire the Hall for £13 per hour.

Users requiring only the Committee Room are charged a single payment of £12.

An additional charge of £12 is made for licensed use of the bar area.

An additional charge of £12 is made for use of the showers.

A deposit of £50 is required at time of booking and will not be returned if the booking is cancelled.

The time booked must allow for any time required to set-up and clear away. Extra hours used in setting up or clearing away are chargeable.

It is expected that users of the hall will leave it in a clean, tidy state (as they find it) and failure to do so will attract a further £50 charge.

Invoices can be provided and all payments will be receipted.