Sorn Village Hall - T&C

  1. All applications for the hire of Sorn Village Hall, or part thereof, (the Hall) will be made on the appropriate application form.
  2. Unless agreed otherwise, the person (over 18 years of age) signing the application form will be the Hirer.
  3. Except where these Conditions state otherwise, any organisation named on the application form will be jointly liable with the Hirer under these Conditions.
  4. The charge for the hire of the Hall commences on the hour of initial entry and ceases on the hour of final vacation. Early entry will be charged on this basis.
  5. The Hirer will be responsible for the payment of the charge for the hire of the Hall in accordance with the Scale of Charges operating at the time of hire and any other charges described under these Conditions. Note that unless the ‘Whole Hall’ is hired, the Hall Committee may otherwise hire out those parts of the Hall not required by the Hirer.
  6. The Hirer will ensure that the Hall is only be used for the purpose indicated on the application form.
  7. The Hirer will be liable to pay a cancellation charge, limited to 50 % of the amount payable (at the discretion of the Hall Committee).
  8. The Hirer is responsible for maintaining good order and the behaviour of the users of the Hall for the duration of the hire. Due regard is to be given to other users of the Hall and to the local residents.
  9. The Hirer may be required to supply stewards to help supervise entry and conduct at some events. The Secretary will inform you of this requirement, if applicable.
  10. The Hirer will ensure the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition. Special cleaning charges (non-discountable) will be levied at the full hourly rate where the cleaning of the premises requires more than the normal working time (as decided by the Hall Committee).
  11. The Hirer will ensure that all equipment or property brought into the Hall is in a safe and sound condition and complies with all the relevant safety regulations. The Hall Committee or the caretaker reserves the right to exclude any equipment or property deemed unsuitable.
  12. The Hirer is liable for all damage to the Hall during the hire period and will be charged all costs to repair such damage, including any investigative fees. A Condition of Hall Report will be completed, signed and countersigned before and after the hire.
  13. The Hirer will ensure that the Food Hygiene Regulations are adhered to in the Hall, where applicable.
  14. Unauthorised use of copyright material is prohibited in the Hall and the Hirer will ensure that the relevant Copyright Act is enforced in the Hall.
  15. The Hirer will ensure that, where music is performed, either by recording, live band, singing etc., the Performing Rights Society (PFS) forms are completed and submitted to the Hall Committee. The associated fees will be added to the hire charge and will not be subject to discount. The PFS forms are available from the Secretary.
  16. The Hirer will familiarise themselves with the fire regulations which will be displayed in the building.
  17. The Hirer will ensure that at no time is the maximum capacity of the Hall exceeded.
  18. The Hirer will ensure that there is a person designated to supervise the overall control of the hire, and, in particular taking control in an emergency. The person designated is to be named on the application form, and is to be present for the duration of the hire. In the event that the Hirer does not nominate such a person, the Hall Committee will do so and a non-discountable charge of the hourly rate will be made for the duration of the hire.
  19. The Hirer will ensure that all licences and permission have been obtained for the hire (for example, theatre, trading and liquor licences).
  20. Without limiting any other aspect of these Conditions, the Hirer will indemnify the Sorn Village Hall Committee from and against all actions and claims arising from the hire, including (but not limited to) any loss of property, health and safety, food hygiene and performing rights issues. Hirers should be aware that suitable insurance can be obtained.
  21. The Hall Committee will monitor compliance with these Conditions of Hire, and reserves the right of access to any part of the Hall at all times.
  22. The Hall Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking, at any time and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellation.
  23. The Hall Committee or caretaker may refuse entry at any time.
  24. The Hall Committee will settle any dispute which arises, and its decision will be final.